Dapple Rose from Hell

When the moonlight painted grass pale And the bells just chimed twelve, Grim magic of night flowers Captures churchyard by the will Of the gardener from Hell Those flowers splendid odor Helps one find a way To old chapel in the graveyard To find the Queen of flowers- Dapple Rose painted grey *** Dapple rose from Hell Just for a flower could too much Dangerous to smell Deadly if to touch If only someone’d touch her thorns If only someone’d touch her bud If her poison licks the blood… All roses in the chapel Once upon a time Was broken hearted people Which tried to find the touch of love Right after midnight chime. Dead odor of the night Queen poisoned lost soul Cold fingers touched sharp thorns As soon as a blood drop had fallen down So next rose starts to grow out of the floor…
История создания:
Песня 1997 года с альбома "Made in KGB" авторы Фонарев-Осипов.
111 1 год 1 год