The Truthsearcher

Life has tricked me once again Now I see that nothing's changed All my dreams are just my dreams Happy I will never be. I see the phantom of the truth And again it slips away. I can't find the words to say And time slowly eats my youth. Like a mist the shroud of lies Cover things before my eyes The last one with a need to believe The last one, who's so na;ve. You'll never get the way I think Why I prefer to be alone. I am forever on my own. Love's for the ones I'll never know Death is my only fate and faith Pain is my only truth and friend. On my shoulder lies his hand That leads me through the misty maze Life is slowly passing me by the sands of time are running through Tired body's getting cold Getting lonely, getting old. All my dreams and hopes are failed. Only pain didn't lie to me. Deprived of all I ever had Dying I feel just apathy.
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