In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see blue heaven And dark abysm underneath In your eyes we are together within this darkened frightening depth In your eyes I see my future My destiny, my life and death In your eyes I see the fire And I'm watching (with ) bated breath Around us the darkness falling with fragments of reality The end of our world is coming Accompanied by insanity Chaos, blood of innocent people Screams of the children unborn Fire's melting stones and metal the dark is devouring our world We shall dance till the world is over we'll be among deformed remains We shall burn in lust forever while all around burns in flames We shall dance while earth is dying We'll see the end of the universe We will laugh instead of crying At the rage of the deathstorm We shall dance while stars are falling We'll be the ones who came it through lightnings came down, split the ground winds of death took all we knew In your eyes I see desire All my dreams and reverie In your eyes I see the fire apart we shall never be Darkness of the non-existence Swallowed up the ruin of earth Slowly slipping away last pieces Into eternal nothingness In your eyes I see no fear Only love does not fear death For the last moment we'll be together We shall dance till our last breath
74 1 год