Mary Kate

Nothing is like it seems When I saw you in my dream, I thought that it could be love, But then I heard voice frome above: "Nothing is like it seems, sometimes love is only in dreams" And I woke up, it was too late And I screamed your name - Mary Kate...... Nothing will be like it was before. I don't sleep, I don't dream anymore, But I still remember your voice and your face - The most beautifull beeing of human race. Nothing will be like it was before. Without you I can't live anymore. You aren't with me, and I will wait and continue to scream your name - Mary Kate......... Until the sun expire , Until the mountains would fall. Until the life dissapear, Until the death would call. I'll be screaming your name I know how to wait, I'll be waiting for you - Mary Kate....... Nothing is like it seems, Once I saw you in my dream. And I thought that you are my love....
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ммм.......романтика....стихи для Mary Kate..)) то, что в 1 столбике повторяется рифма seems/dreams, а во втором - before/anymore 2 раза, улыбнуло..... учись, студент....)) А так неплохо....
07 июля 2009 в 14:42