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Еще из снов (и страхов) не свивало Сознание космогоний и преданий, И не мельчало время, дни чеканя, А море, как всегда, существовало. Кто в нем таится? Кто колышет недра? С землей в извечном и бесплодном споре? Кто в тысяче обличий - то же море Блистаний, бездн, случайности и ветра? Его встречаешь каждый раз впервые, Как все, что неподдельно и исконно: Тускнеющую кромку небосклона, Луну и головни вечеровые. Кто в нем таится? Кто - во мне? Узнаю, Когда окончится тщета земная. ------------------------------------- Хорхе Луис Борхес
Георгий Сергеевич Габриэльян Программирование
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The project "INNMORKE" was formed by Foltath Eternum in 2002. At the beginning it has been focused on various genres of dark music, mainly leaning on ambient and dark ethno. In the summer of 2005 Xazthur Occultus (Serj Ryzhinkov) comes to a formation. Duet has been decided to play more extreme styles of music, such as black metal and death metal. Alas, it has been composed the big distance disturbed to project advancement. Xazthur studied and lived in Tomsk, therefore the collective had to disperse. Foltath has concentrated on INNMORKE in the set genre, and Serj has taken part as the guitarist the hardcore to command STOMPOUT has taken part as the guitarist in Tomsk. In May, 2008 Lorirtnerck L. Hellscream-Sengir (DARK TEMPLAR, WINTERRISE) has joined the project as bass-guitarist. In a current of year it has been given two concerts, and during session of recording of the album Lorirtnerck leaves the project because of creative disagreements, leaving a powerful share of lyrics. Foltath in the meantime has written down EP an album "Soulthorned" The group has continued the vigorous live activity with Evgeniy and Yuriy's arrival. Text subjects INNMORKE mention drowning in the secret, forgotten or forbidden feelings of human or supernatural persons, its souls, its most dark corners of reason. Sinning the latent possibilities essences, and them the cosmogenetic origin and destruction... Internal war, The Collapse, The Dawn and The Decline... MEMBERSHIP. Current line-up: Foltath G. Eternum (2002-const) - Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Music, Poetry, Conception Eugeniy Ziglisky (2009-...) - Guitars Yuriy Ineternalshadow (2010-...) - Bass Past Members: Xasthur G. Occultus (2004-2006) - Guitars, Music Lorirtnerck L. Hellscream-Sengir (2008-2009) - backing vocals, bass-section, poetry
Soulthorned (EP album) 2010


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