Empty eyeholes

Walking at a slow pace, I see the people without faces, They try to hide their empty eyes Under the masks with pictures of allies. No one wants to be chastised, That’s way they run from the sunrise, In the dark take off the masks… They drive me away! They try to blind my covered eyes, Put mask on me with pretty smiles, They try to bind my broken wings, But I don’t need it to be free! But to see their soulless chests, The clots of dark under their vests, And emptiness in their insides I don’t need the eyes! In the dead of night they put the masks off, Cause no one can see their empty eyeholes In the dark! In the dark! In the dark! You don’t need to search them, they are not far, Every day they live among us, They are Not far! Not far! Not far!!
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