Johnnie Buno

Инди-фанк-гэнгста-рок из Бангкока
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JOHNNIE BUNO is an indie rock band based in Bangkok, Thailand whose music blends elements of funk, rock, disco, hip hop and gangsta rock. Without losing the sense of intimacy and artistic eclecticism, it is a new beacon of a funk rock exhibiting a bold, adventurous approach to music, underpinned by melodic pop instincts. The band is a hot and spicy mix of people from different parts of the world, as each one brings exclusive & unique flavors to the tunes. Fusing rock and funk, the band blends dance grooves with references to hip hop and disco to create an atmosphere that draws your all your senses into a bath of sonic perfection. JOHNNIE BUNO's foundation is the hard hitting beats supplied by Tatsuro on the drums blended with the ballistic in your face bass stylings of Frame. Add the solid rhythm guitar tones of Oat and it takes only the fast fingered punchy lead riffs of Kor to supply the perfect musical landscape for the powerful and expressive vocalist, Johnnie. Their first single “Fireshow” was released on August 29, 2013 and received great praise from fans and radio stations worldwide. Mr. Andlu of KXSR Digital Broadcasting Los Angeles was quoted as saying, “JOHNNIE BUNO’s new track Fireshow transcends the language barrier. Everyone I show this track to taps their feet and bobs their head. This is one of the hottest tracks out there right now. JOHNNIE BUNO is one of the best undiscovered artists of 2013!” On their way to the success in the rising independent funk rock scene, JOHNNIE BUNO is the force to reckon with. FOLLOW THE BAND: https://www.facebook.com/johnniebunomusic https://soundcloud.com/johnniebunomusic http://www.youtube.com/user/johnniebunomusic https://myspace.com/johnniebunomusic Instagramm: johnniebuno http://johnniebuno.bandcamp.com/ http://www.reverbnation.com/johnniebunomusic Feel free to contact the band: johnniebuno@gmail.com
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http://greengo.su/music/stream-johnnie-buno-the-bell/ http://fareastvibes.com/?p=25272 http://fareastvibes.com/?p=25904 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxjoNnsL4gI
2013 - Rabai Bar
Инструменты и оборудование
Vox, Bass, Guitars, Drums
2013 - "FIRESHOW" EP 2014 - "GET UP" SINGLE
Funk-Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae
RHCP, James Brown, Sly Stone, RATM, Mars Volta etc
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