Karina Evn Karina Evn 
молодая певица, обладательница гран-при "Золотой голос" в Останкино, участница телепроекта "Голос Армении" Как сюда попасть

The Bridge Across A Lands.

The Bridge Across A Land. When the sun goes down Please don’t worry baby. Yes, I know you so tied And so strong Well, I want to hold your hand And sing my simple song. Anytime at a night Stand on London Bridge Face to East and close your eyes. Feel the breathing of a night Please, don’t scared baby It’s the wind from me. Northern wind is my friend Brings the whisper words. If I’d can build a bridge The bridge across Lands Well I want to hold your hand And sing my song When the sun dims all lights. But it’s all my dream And you are a distant star You’re so far away from me I just can’t know where you are. 6 feb.1992
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