Mark Subbotin Mark Subbotin 
Композитор и исполнитель электронной музыки в жанре Spacesynth, Synth-Pop, медитация, классика в современной обработке, релакс, эмбиент, ньюэйдж. Как сюда попасть
T-Sergii T-Sergii 
T-Sergii это-смесь чиллаута и нью эйдж сдобренного легким брейкбитом,это-Взрывной микс хауса с ароматом электронной классики,это-Просто знакомые всем ноты закрученые в совершенно непредсказуемые аранжировки.Это то что мы слушали когда то очень д Как сюда попасть

Who is she now

This girl is a modest and quiet clunky glasses, fat and pimply everywhere catching glances and upset when people pretended that all is well and coming home, she sat and cried suicide attempts, and bruises all over his body in her life, there was no place for love because he can not find it do not worry, my baby you have everything ahead your life will be a lot more different shit You'll have to throw from one extreme to break, prick, this feeling will make you flee And now, he taught her all bad and now, he included in it is but gave her too little love, it is used and that he does not know. who is she now? doll, horny bitch, whore. she is beautiful she is only 20 all she gives her poison all the better because he is not her boy.
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