The fight with the destiny

Don’t be afraid, You must do not fall. You must fill by fight And try keeping your soul. You are between of events, Between luck and grief. But all that moments Just are instants brief. You mustn’t to speak, Just continue to stay, All that passes quick, Just nothing to say. Oh, please, don’t scare, Try looks like a human, I know: no ones care, Care of you no man… You are just small part, Today you’re nobody, – People think like that. But it you are somebody. All other are nothing, Anyone’s worthless. None are the something, Because they are careless. They miserable existing, So will take them at gills, Will kept them to changes, Namely, their feels. Will heal our souls, Will set fire at us, In this complicate world You mustn’t to comprise. The fear before dead word Ill conquering forever, And will some laugh, And will crying no ever. And someday we will fly, Will rise again, Bursting into sky, Will light burning flame…
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