Where are you now(Где ты теперь)

1.Where are you now my little proud girl? I cannot live without you at all. Why she has left, nobody can explain, The answere has been taken by her train… Refrain If that time returned, I would be different: Never hurt you, Say bad words, Oh believe me, I’ll be different, Don’t you see I’m on the verge? 2.Where are you now my pretty little girl? We have to break between us useless wall, The wall of silence, of worrying, You are sweet baby my only second wing! Refrain 3.Where are you now my little sun of life? You’ve been my friend, my woman and my wife, I’m waiting for your coming back to me, With you my love I only want to be! Refrain
История создания:
Стихи написаны на английском языке,на русский перевода я не стал делать - двойная работа,если сочинять сразу на двух языках. Где ты теперь,моя маленькая гордая девочка,я не могу жить без тебя.Почему ты ушла...
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