He's just a man... He's usual man. Who ever said his name To tell you something new? He works with us. The same pretty pass. But for some reason you think he To jump over the queue. Of course, you're always right. And you'll see daylight. He can't but plead guilty in everithing. Of course, he's always wrong. You wanna teach him a lesson. BE BACK! BE BACK! BE BACK!!! WHAT THE FUCKING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget this place. Forget my face. I'm sure nobody will be able to tell. They broke my wall. They burned my soul. It's all they all can do very well. Well, this is true - my pride's Jew... But where are the reasons here to kill?!.. Nobody knows. Nobody answers. Nobody ever cares I feel. Why Jew? Why do you call me Jew? Like I have lost my name. In spite the fact you have the same. Why Jew? Why i am Jew? When all the friends are enemies. Fuck off right now please. AND NEVER CALL ME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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