One second... And rock will leave life behind. What's up? Who am I? Out of mind... Everybody know that he must die... But nobody can answer: SO WHY?!! Your eyes're empty. Your spirit's dead. Blood's draining now From your broken head. You'll try to change your fucken fate. You'll try to change yourself... BUT LATE. Your sun got down. Turn off all the light!!! This is empty place, There's nothing inside. If you wanna be - go away. Don't stay! Ressurect your self far far away. I'm so sorry for you... Let's hope for the best... You cannot fight As you're out of breath. You wanna return... You want open The Gate... But you cannot, my friend, you can't! IT IS TOO LATE!!! No more cheat that you can hack. Road isn't found. It's your last expension pack. No one man around... Life's following sands of time, Will come to see you never. Everybody have to die. NO ONE LIVES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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