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Style: Aggressive Power Metal THIS IS INFORMATION ABOUT US : -Pavel Aleinikov - Lead/Rhythm Guitars & Vocal & Backing Vocals -Andrey Akulovich - Lead/Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals -Maxim Osichka - Bass Guitar -Rafael Gevorkayn - Drums -Diana Buhalko - Lead Vocal For thousands years dragons lived in harmony with nature away from human settlements, led a secretive solitary lifestyle, hid in the mountains, in underwater caves, on impassable swamps.There were a lot of dragons with different sizes and colors all over the world. However, rarely man could see this fantastic creation of nature, which is considered the harbinger of good luck.And so it was until the difficult times for dragons came - the Middle Ages. Human errors were widely spread about danger of these creatures. Relentless hunt began. People hunted them simply for a profit, for a trophy, for a blood. Five monks decided to protect the dragons: “Dragons – aren’t our enemies, they are our protectors, they will protect us, when evil comes to earth. But no one heeded them, persecution were continued. After few centuries, dragons were almost completely wiped annihilated(destroyed). To rescue the last dragon five monks divided his soul into five artifacts, which everyone must keep it as his own soul, until the evil doesn’t begin his campaign against humanity! Then monks unite and call for help LINDWORM...
Pavel Andreevich Aleinikov Лидер-гитара
Andrey Andreevich Akulovich Лидер-гитара
Lindworm Владелец страницы
At various times we played songs of different famous bands: Iron Maiden (Aces High, Flash of the Blade), Accept (Fast As the A Shark, Balls to the Walls, Head Over Hills), Hypocrisy (Eraser), Dethklok (Duncan Hills Coffee), Judas Priest (PainKiller), Behemoth (Ov Fire and the Void). The group was founded on 9 December 2008 , after Pavel Aleinikov had dismissed group AkkaD (Symphonic Heavy/Thrash Metal ) because of disagreements in group and preferences. At the beginning of December Pavel proposed Andrey Akulovich (which had come in AkkaD one month before the group was off) to create a Power Metal band. He agreed. After that a bass-guitar – Maxim Osichka was found, which played in Thrash Metal band Exterior. So the group had begun. There were many different problems with searching other players. But this facts didn’t prevented to create a music ( music – it’s in a soul). We didn’t afraid to experiment and the music was written not only in Power Metal style. So in our songs you can hear elements of different styles, but Power Metal is the main genre. In September of this year the group found a key-board player – Alexandr Pisarev. Places behind the drum kit and microphone were still empty. On and a half month before debut concert the group invited drummer – Rafael Gevorkayn , which played in a group Sun Direction, as a session drummer. After the concert he was offered the permanent job drummer in the group and he agreed. New forces woke up and persistent rehearsals began in the band with new serious and ready to work drummer. Not long before the New Year vocalist – Diana Buhalko joined the group. Serious work was waiting for her with writing texts for songs, witch there were many by this time. Now our band has material for two albums which ready for record. Now we don’t waste our time and try to record our songs at home.
Age Of Deaths... [EP 2011]
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