Liquid Furniture

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Brutal loveliness that does not smell off fish
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Liquid furniture started properly in March 2011 despite having 1st gig opening at the Mankent Biker Festival in Mankent Sanatorium, Kazakhstan in November 2010. Rob, a wandering Irish musician arrived in Shymkent City in South Central Kazakhstan in February Festival 2010 with his guitar,a large green Mohican haircut (Mohawk in McErican) and a cheeky smile. He searched for musicians but there were few to be found that wanted to play anything except old Deep Purple covers. A blue haired girl called Alina approached him one day at Imran (the local teenage dropout hangout) with her bassist boyfriend Ibek and asked if he could teach her to play drums. He said "why not". He took them down to an old soviet nuclear bunker called Merkuria with a car full of equipment and they made a huge noise, mostly Rob shouting at Alina to keep rhythm. These practice sessions lasted a few weeks then a young guitarist called Yarek came along to join in. Rob gave Alina a challenge, there was a gig at the Mankent Biker Meet in front of 3000+ hairy bikers from all over the former Soviet Union so they better be ready. Rob's son Moley Joe (Bassist of Orient Xpress, Rob's former band) came a week before the concert and 2 parallel bands were started. Rob Yarek Ibek & Alina were to play 3 songs under the name Rainsound then Rob Yarek Moley & a random drummer were to play 8 songs under the name Incestuous Union (Rob & Moley, father & son, used that name for an impromptu band in Former Soviet Georgia). The Biker Gig went surprisingly well but after deciding that Alina would never make a drummer nor Ibek a bassist, Yarek & Rob looked for a bassist (Moley went back to Prague after having diarrhea for 2 weeks in Kazakhstan) and after several trials found a young lad called Anton who fitted well. Several more drummers then we found Ramil and the band was complete. Rob wrote a song when he was 10 yrs old called Liquid Furniture as he thought the concept was odd but the song was poo but the memory remained. Rob suggested that as a name & away we went. Recording heavily from March 2011 as well as playing all local gigs in Shymkent plus traveling to other cities in Kazakhstan, Liquid Furniture soon picked up a reputation for being a vibrant, entertaining & rocking band both live and on TV plus on huge stages in city centre squares etc. The first album "LIQUID FURNITURE DO NOT SMELL OF FISH" is due out before Christmas and recording for songs for the 2nd Album probably entitled "SCREAMING SILENCE" is well underway. Liquid Furniture opened a Soundcloud site http://soundcloud.com/liquid-furniture and in 5 months has over 25,000 plays, mainly in Europe, States & South America. Liquid Furniture play songs of brutal loveliness and we hope you are affected by them.