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Str8 outta South Side - ALMATY!!!
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Logdoggs crew was based back in 2002 when we were kids aged from 12-14, there were 3 of us: Dude, Enemy(Shiftik) & Crazy, 3 bros..we were rhymin' in russian n didn't think doin' things siriously..After a while, our close cousin and participant of our crew - Crazy left the group so Dude & I were now only members of the crew. 2004 - That's when we started spittin' our 1st rhymes in Dude's house n recordin our own shit! We made our 1st "hit" song - Show Business. After a while, there were abouth 5 or 6 songs recorded, the best one was Main Aim. 2005 - Still workin' and desidin to name our album "Doggy Life", recordin' more tracks! Now Dude is also known as D-Warrior and Shiftik(Me) aka Renegade! September 2005 - Things get stuck, I'm leavin' to UK, Dude is makin beats but things gettin rough and shit.. 2006 - New Flow, recordin' "Logdoggs" track, super dope shit!! Dude re-recordin' it on Orange Studios in Alamty while I'm in the UK. We hookin up wit Bagman and recordin the track called "South Side" made in Pac's California Love style.. Meanwhile we workin' 100%! Orderin Logdoggs Logo, buyin instrumentals, hookin up wit fellas, doin some real shit! So at the beginning of 2007 we'll be givin' some hot tracks!!
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