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Meeting On Elbe

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MEETING ON ELBE group was founded in 1986, the first part: Sergei Lomakin (vocals, guitar), Oleg Ivakin (guitar), Oleg Trusov (drums), Alexander Nikolaev (bass), Dmitry Rozhkov (saxophone), Yuri Veselkin (keyboards). Sergei Lomakin organized group "meeting on the Elbe" in December 1986 that winter group entered the Moscow rock laboratory and in February 1987 with success at the first Festival of Hope in "Gorbushka", having won the audience a romantic hit single "She's so." Daylight saving time in 1987 was the most brilliant creative period in the group. Encouraged by early success "Elbe" a lot of performances, reaching the peak of his success at the annual festival in Dubna, near Moscow: after three days of concerts entitled "Meeting on the Elbe" won the audience award. These were the best concerts of Sergei Lomakin and - alas! - Probably already unique. Then comes the time of their creative research in the field of avant-garde poetry and music. In part 'Meeting on the Elbe "are now two more trumpeter, trombonist and clarinettist, but two concert programs, prepared by the group -" Laughter in his sleep "and" The Imperial vacation. "- Were met with sluggish public. It was obvious that each musician in different ways understand their task in this group and the complexity of music goes against the personality of the leader of "Elbe" Sergei Lomakin. Early in 1989, is a radical change in the composition. Now with Lomakin on the scene Sergei Kalachev (bass). Vladimir Missarzhevsky (percussion), Kirill Tsarev (guitar), Yuri Lyubchenko (drums), Andrew Peter (trumpet), Vassily Peresypkin (trumpet) and Alexander Shipnitsky (trombone). Of course, changing ideological and artistic landmarks. After going through thorns exquisite avant-garde, Lomakin back to the old romantic ideal, but now his dreams backed by sound professional training of musicians in the late 1989 Kalachev and Missarzhevsky go to the "Alliance" and after this event occurred a radical change in the composition, which now looks like this: Sergei Lomakin - vocals, guitar, Sergei Petrov - bass Boris Elkis - drums, Basil Peresypkin - trumpet, Alexander Hutorovsky - trombone, keyboards. The group's music has become tougher. Lomakin proposed new understanding of the simplicity of the musical image, he now seeks to achieve optimal results minimum arranger of funds. In 1990 they recorded the landmark record "Francis ", that included all the hits of the group for its short life. In recording this album was attended by almost all musicians who ever played with Sergei Lomakin, under the guise of" Meeting on the Elbe. "The record came out in the next year, Melodia "and quite enjoyed great success. But it turned out to be" the swan "songs. Maybe the" Elbe "and has not made any impressive results as an independent creative unit, but this group has become a real school for many musicians, was revealed in the other rock compositions. Trusc Oleg was one of the founders of "Lube," Vladimir Missarzhevsky played a key role in the "alliance" of the early 90's, Sergei Kalachev - the leading musician of Ina wish ... Discography: 1989 "The Imperial vacation - m / a 1991 "Francis" ( "Melody") - LP 1992 THE DEAD HEAD (SNC REC)-LP
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