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The mix of emo, post punk, indie rock & post hardcore from Ternopil, UA
Petro Stoikiv Лидер-гитара
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http://www.magic-box.od.ua/archive/archive_07,03,06.htm http://www.ps.org.ua/stuff/1082/ http://www.rock.kiev.ua/arhiv/514/ http://uaformat.com/content/view/706/
Band, that was named BMW, was formed in the May of 2004 in the ukrainian city of Ternopil and guys weren't good in playing their instruments - Vlad Vorobel was playing the guitar and he was chosen as a vocalist, Alexander "Bedya" Bedeniuk - bass & Michael Bardashov - drums. As a result of young life and lack of practice, style was chosen as pop-punk. For the first time boys were copying a lot of famous punk band. First concert was on 5th June 2004. Two month since group began his life, Vlad quits and the band needs to find a sub. That is how they found Peter Stoikiv, who became then one of the most important persons there. BMW's songs became more serious every day and I of those sunny days of summer 2005 guys wanted to play something another that noone never played in their city. This days they find a second guitarist Andrew Kotovsky and a new vocalist Alexander "Corn" Shevchuk. Second of them then will became an important person in this band too, but Kotovsky's life with BMW/MADE wasn't so sweet. He loved the style that guys were playing - the mix of new for Ternopil emo, post punk, indie rock & post hardcore, but he wasn't that kind of person who the band needed that time. Maybe, there wasn't any progress this time, maybe it was a biggest mistake in the short history, 'cos the atmosphere inside the group became negative and maybe it was near the border of it's final days. Andrew had a lot of arguments with Peter. And one day guys decided, that their ways are a little bit another and they continue playing without Kotovsky. It was the cold fall of 2005, then winter chanched it... A big changes happened in the Peter's and Corn's lifes and it was the big move for the band that changed it's name - MADE. New ideas, new thoughts, new life and... new ideology. The last member of MADE was Max Hrynchyshyn (guitar) and it was a colosal point in the forming this new, maybe perspective and maybe famous future band, that consists of 5 persons, that play a great roles in it's life & cannot be substituted this time. Maybe someone believe...
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Mics - Shure; Guitars - Epiphone; Bass - Warvick; Drums - Amati; Cymbals - Paiste, Sonar; Drum pedals - Maxtone; Guitar amps - Boss, Marshall, Danelectro; Cabels - Proel; Amplifiers - Vox
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