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Англоязычная музыка, уходящая корнями в 70-е, но стремящаяся в будущее. Как сюда попасть
Сергей Панинъ Сергей Панинъ 
Сергей Панинъ Автор-Исполнитель Как сюда попасть


Блюз Рок-н-ролл Бибоп
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Cult Siberian band MATAKAI was formed due to the simple combination of the circumstances. In the heat of 1998 crisis two smart workers of the tractor plant named after Stakhanov changed the tractor for a lot of Fender electro guitars. Their destiny was defined. In one of the deserted workshops of the plant they have organized a small studio named ROYAL FACTORY. The first single of I came out soon. «KING OF ROCK-N-ROLL» composition was found out the best one on the All-Russian festival of rock bands. By 2000 MATAKAI became popular in Siberia, Moscow and Ural. The band got famous owing to the specific sound and unusual style of play. MATAKAI was actively rotated on the radio. They made parties in the deserted Tractor plant named after Stakhanov and participated in the various projects with famous Russian hip-hop and hardcore bands. In winter of 2004 the awful fire ruined ROYAL FACTORY with all recordings and trechnics. The musicians lost their job and instruments. They decided to construct roads in Ural. In 2005 the band settled down in the desolate railway car in the commuter dead end of Ekaterinburg, where the new studio was reconstructed.
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