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Лауреат XI Международного конкурса им. Ф.И.Шаляпина (2011), лауреат Международного конкурса памяти С.В.Рахманинова (2013), лауреат XVII Международного конкурса старинного русского романса им. Изабеллы Юрьевой (2016). Как сюда попасть

For all my life

There are times when you feel sorry There are times when you feel sad But I'm here, do not worry Don't be scared, don't be mad I won't let you be mistreated When the world keeps spinning 'round All your demons be defeated And the fires put in the ground Easily broken, hardly cured Faint from what they say to you Rise above - against your fury And believe in what you do I'll be there every morning With the sunshine on your pane You won't ever be this lonely Since I've come to you to stay And I love you, and I need you Every breath and every sigh From the moment I just met you And for the rest of all my life
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