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Андрей Авраменко Андрей Авраменко 
Королёв, Московская область
Как сюда попасть

Heal My Wounds

I will lick back my wounds Just to find what I know After countries and moons Crawling out for more I will wait at the edge To get my everything On the narrow ledge Of the places I’ve seen I will follow your steps Feeling nervous, but right They are my very maps Homing beacon at night Tell me when I should stop Scream to warn of mistake What to keep, what to drop Jewels proved to be fake I'll remember the years When we ran barefoot In the rustling fall leaves I have just understood I will borrow from world My own minute of fame To dissolve in its cold And get wounded again
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КЛАССНЫЙ ТЕКСТ!!!!!!! Пишу на него песню!!! Как выложу сразу сообщу!!!
04 декабря 2007 в 12:09