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"Open heart"

I open up my mind To places I discover Wishing just to hide And to become another I walk thru miles ahead From concrete walls to stones Among betrayed and sad Like hero of unknowns This road tends to give Less than she promised lately I see no point to plead Cause she's obsessed so madly It's time to step inside Count all mistakes and bridges I'll burn them down tonite To memorize no features When love is also pain Feels like it's irritating And phone calls again Are lonely disconnecting So I won't stay for long Since life is full of options And if I'm cold to bone I'll melt in my emotions I tear up my heart To words that I declared With cure for my cut I am a little bit scared But try not to forget World's far from being easy And I can only let Myself to touch and seize it
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Классный текст!!!
04 декабря 2007 в 11:33