"Under the Stars"

No one hears And no one knows How it feels Or where it goes Over places You have been And the chances You’ve foreseen So strange Or so in love No change In sky above I’m sure You’re full of grace You're my cure Through time and space Tell me every Single phrase I got bravery In this maze We are more Again alone Highly soar Deeply fall There is nothing We could leave Only something To achieve Eyes are lying Ears betrayed You are sighing Love is blade Hope decaying In your arms People saying Firing guns Losing basis Of your life Past erases Like a knife But I wish You see the same And unleash This cunning game I will always Watch your step Like the old days Fill the gap Babe, believe And trust your hand Some forgive To understand We are here And that’s enough I’m sincere You’re in love After clocks Stop ticking down No mocks Fate is around Lie beside me Watch the stars They are kindly Blessing us
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