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"Miss Princess"

Feelin’ off side, disconnected You’re tryin’ to live on your own Like flower that has been rejected By lights on the way to your home I have to admit – yeah, it happens Some days every step goes wrong We seem complicating our matters Like feelings and hearts are all gone [Chorus] I’m goin’ to crawl in the darkness Just wishing you’re at the end In luckiest times and the hardness And there I’ll kiss you again You are what I call a ‘Miss Princess’ Shaping the world for yourself Seducing the saints and the sinners You leave them forgotten on shelf But I see a part that’s behind it Whatever you say, sing or do You’re beautiful, baby, don’t hide it Your soul is sweet as your look I'll never give up and surrender I'll walk many miles ahead Like letter without any sender I'll fly by the wind to your bed Your life is between love and hatred Some feelings you can't disregard Too empty to smile or to fake it Hey, honey, just open your heart
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