"My love"

My extraordinary love You’ve burnt the flame deep down inside me Like diamonds – pretty being rough You shine as Polar Star to guide me Wherever I’m walking in Remain a stranger and unknown The only thing I always mean With you I’ll never be alone I’m losing what I haven’t heard And gaining what I have imagined Without your voice I’m getting bored Of stories told with no legend I’m open with my hand and soul But only you can match them perfect The brightest light for Northern Pole And solid fuel for a dreaming rocket I like the way you’re feeding me When I wake up on Sunday morning And then pretend to fall asleep Just to replay this precious moment Inside me every single word Especially if it makes you crazy I keep the best of things I’ve got And love when you say, “It’s amazing” I hope it doesn’t feel the same Each time you’re going mad about me Cause there is no one else to blame Except your sweet embrace around me
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