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Кричи от Счастья Кричи от Счастья 
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Secret Song

When dreams are open as a magic You don’t have to regret at all About the past, about the future They are true colours of the fall When skies fall down with rainy clouds Don’t worry, you are not alone As water floods erase the bounds I’m gonna sing my secret song No matter what keeps you from being In my embrace tonight again I have a faith, the strongest feeling That your heart beating’s not the same Open the window, night is over Look at the stars, their flashing light It sends ‘Goodbye’ to empty “nowhere” And lets the Sun become so bright Whatever happens to you now Remember, you can share with me As people say, in joy and sorrow In thoughts or by your side I’ll be Maybe, I’m really mad about you Or I have just imagined all Maybe, I cannot live without you But I’m sure I love you so!
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