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Underground Worms is the ukrainian based project of experimental music. The reflection of underground music purely through the drums and synthesis, dotted and rolling compositions. Experimenting first with simple PC programmes through driving tracks and geckky experimental, UW is the reminder of its all days under the surface of the land. Night for day life, dream and soul exposure through music! Exploration of the sounds by making the skeletons out of, composed tracks are being of metalo sound which led to the label creation of the experimental music under the name of Metalolom.
Borysko Victirivich Alex DJ
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We have met in 2004, somewhere in October. Serg was somewhere in Spain and Alex has just come to Holland. Serg came back to Holland at the end of December, following him in a few weeks Alex has returned from Ukraine. The first time we met was at some Ukrainian party and strangely we didn’t discuss the music even though both of us knew that we play electronic music. Next day we came to Alex’s plays and began to analyze our music tastes. We started spinning records, creating sets, listening to Sven Vath, Plastikman, Der Dritte Raum and so on. Slightly after that we decided to enforce our music by playing both on turntables and live. The effect was awesome. Basically Alex was playing live by incrementing the sound effect from the vynil Serg was playing. We looked for something more than that. What we wanted is a really rave’s sound. UW_Project came into live somewhere in between while we where making our first song “The Spirit of Jim Morrison”. Nowadays we live and work in our home studios located in NL & UA .
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