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An email to god

Strangest, strangest thing To change my life, to make it better How strange thing song I sing, It’s one more pray, it’s one more letter. Trying, trying one more time Email to God, he does not hear! Wishing, wishing make you mine, But once again you disappeared. Chorus: In my email to God I am saying that it’s hard To be apart with you, Be waiting for my true love, In my email to God I open up my heart, That’s my email to God, That’s my email to God. No, no doubt that We are two sides of the same river, Strangest, strangest thing is sad The message cannot be delivered. I go through the season of decline. I simply have to overcome this season. And everything will come in time, Cause everything has its own reason. In my email to God, I say my heart is cut, That’s my email to God, That’s my email to God.
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