I am sorry

I am saying “sorry” for being rude, I’m meaning “forgive me for all my love”, My friend tells me, everything’s for good, My heart is asking the sky above: “Can he imagine that my every dream, That my every thought and my every pray, And all my passion belongs to him… Can he imagine…He is my day! “ I am floating at night among the stars. I see a new constellation to reach. It was discovered and named by us. What kind of lesson this dream can teach? This love is like one more song to sing. Routine of the world is so far away. I am washing my face in the tears of spring. I am thinking of him in the beauty of the day… Love was always a difficult task. Spring started already its mysterious flight. Can he imagine? What else to ask? Can he imagine that I am his night…? 14 March 2007
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