And I am whispering the words

I am whispering the words about you, my dear, It is in my spinning head, I am flying far away I am whispering words, don’t let them disappear! I almost fell in love with this amazing day. I am going through spring, its wonderful adventure. And I don’t see the trash revealed on melted roads. I only see the skies, and under them – the nature, It cries by songs of birds, it takes off people’s coats. I can not find the words to keep my pain and passion, They must explode, they can’t be kept inside. What’s faded in the sky? It’s ghost of my depression. My hope and spring joy will go side by side. I am whispering the words about you, my dear, You told me truth today; you told me what you think And all hidden pain completely disappeared. I want to dedicate these words to Lady Spring!
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