Missionaries From The Outside

Goth rock band Missionaries From The Outside
Готик-рок Пост-панк Индастриал Поп-рок
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The gothic rock band MISSIONARIES FROM THE OUTSIDE exists on Russian dark scene since 1999. Frontman, the founder and the unique constant participant of the project - Hank [DIESELHAMMER] Chinaskin, the author of music and texts of missionaries. The band's music based on the aggressions of the punk in a combination to spirit of freedom great 60s and gloomy, pessimistic world view
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The band was created in 1998. Regular performances since 1999. The first track of Missionaries was published on "Edge of the night: russian gothic compilation" in 2000. In 2003 the band ceases to exist... In 2008 the Missionaries have gathered in new membership, worked out 12 concerts and recorded an Internet-album "GOTH IS DEAD". The band is working in a gothic rock style, combining various goth rock traditions from gothic of the first and second wave to a new goth, death rock.
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