There are days

There are days When exceeded Limit of #anguish. There are days - I sit and wait, #Death to visit. She does not come. I sit and wait, - I sit and wait, And I represent Meeting with her. I sit and wait, - I am waiting for her. She walks in, Smiling cute. I am waiting for her. - Pretty #girlfriend! I to her, For a meeting Spread out, hugs! Pretty girlfriend! - Where are you walking? I'm hurrying her, Words, gently. Where are you walking? - Let's take our hands. Let's go to you, Story About yourself Entertain on the way to. - But the dream fades. The reality passes. I'm at the window I'm standing alone. - I'm standing alone. When exceeded Limit of anguish. There are days.
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Music composer, FX Voc & Text translation © J NeuroS Author text © vjcniclav
105 1 год