The fear of the weakness

The darkness is around, cold rain is falling down You feel the water’s refuse not to cover your shoes It’s the need in your head not to hear the drops chat You’re afraid in the dawn of staying alone The silence in your phone is dead like a stone You shouldn’t have been so high Only eagle can be only one in the sky Don’t lie to your reflection Pay your self some attention Your soul is crying, just stop your youth dieing Your old mistakes are marking your face Don’t stop on your way, there’s no need to pray If you are as strong as to walk alone You should have known your nature’s not gone Your beautiful dress won’t take off your stress Your glamorous scarf won’t cover your chest No shelter to run, no time to have fun Nobody to care, no freshness in air No power for you, no confidence is true ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So open your eyes, forget dirty lies You’re the only unique, wasn’t made to be a freak And may be this week your life makes a trick Someone will pass your test He’s going to be the best The dreams are not everlasting Believe me, this world is not disgusting The happiness is real and it’s easy to feel You`ll find your soul fly Someone’s going to make it alright If everyday`s just a fight And there`s no place fore you to hide I know what you need, it`s your fear to defeat Now leave this dark street, you got your search to complete May be I could finish your deed.
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