Crocky light

You are both standing by the river, Watching together water`s flow Heats sweating and colds shiver Passing by shaking, come and go Strong friendship`s the gods deliver Ever say yes and never say no This man`s just a front dwelling liver Together you are, together you grow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus: And all the things seem very tough You will not ever get enough But winds of faith are very rough They can easily take out your half They can easily break the rock Destroying friendship with the mock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The river changing the direction And something happens, something small Making the mental disconnection The friend says thanks, you say not at all Seeing on water your reflection Holding yourself not to fall Yourself`s your friend with comprehension With empty soul you`re on the roll Chorus Here comes another pleasant person And you`re betraying now yourself So you will never learn this lesson Till book of life is not on shelf The happy friendship`s like a lamps on Which are so bright and bring the help Living without it is just a prison But you can break it with the yelp Chorus
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