Wake up

My sweet young friend, you are so good, You’re eating tasty mother’s food, You’ve chose the way not to get lost, You’ve never tasted death coming close. You’re dreaming `bout big shining car, You want just to become a star. I want to tell you I’m a guy Who chose another life to try. I’m eating everywhere I can, I’ve got my own time spending plan. I am the crazy creature here Who got no mind collapsing fear. I know the price of every thing, I’m writing rhymes for you to think. My family rose from dirt in past, I understood this thing so fast. I’ve always got warm couch to sleep, And for first sight nothing to weep. I saw the richest children’s` lives I saw the drinkers lying cries. It’s all unnecessary things Because my mind for now got wings. I went from home and doing fine Because I can not lose my time. I’m working hard, I broke the line. I’m young and I am not depending. Don’t think `bout me so condescending. Don’t be so stupid, it’s time to go, Just get this life’s hot boiling flow. You’ll get all things you ever dreamed, You’ll taste all goods or will be sinned. Main thing is you, you must be free, Don’t be an owl, leave your old tree. Say no to those who stop your life, Go get what’s yours, it’ll be alright.
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