Private Armageddon

Lying almost dead between the sinners’ bodies Cut inside by the flame of the fallen hunnies Crossing my legs and spread my hands over sadists Inside of dirty ball of the demonic lost artists ... If that is a smell of sex or of the sulfur Is that the sound of thunder or the music blur? It must be the light over there or fire vulture In the middle of satanic ritual or modern culture ... .The beast drives my body and guides my hand I’m seeking the flesh in this badland Than my eyes not open and it’s dark again!. ... Can’t make a move, smudged over the floor This place is under control of the darkness lord’s law The skin is bruised not by the nail but by the claw And lips are covered with a fresh and hot gore ... . ... Raising the head seeing zombies walking around As I’m lying beyond I don’t want me to be found Was that the orgasm or the close agony sound? The woman stands near, she looks like a hell hound ... . ... The cup with the devil’s goods is crashed on the table To figure out is that a wine in a jar or a blood, I’m unable It’s a five-cornered star or somebody’s clothes label? My heart is wrested out or the pulse isn’t stable? ... . ... The heavens crashed down and flowing in my vanes The sin and wish of sex are ruling in my brains Their dresses covered by the mud and sweaty stains These souls will be so soon the devil’s gains ... . ... When love is dead at all and heart keeps beating on If soul stays in a body but it’s cold like a stone When for the satisfaction we gonna break every bone Fading out here I`m encountering my private Armageddon!
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