Noize Klan

Drum & bass
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The band was unleashed in rusty november, year 2006. It`s aim was to make electronic music - a combination of sounds of abandoned places, unbuilt and destroyed factories, sounds of machines and weapons, mixed with unhuman beats. After several months of a constant search, the band have found it`s style and it`s own way in music - it`s own way of expression. Noize Klan must mention, that the band does not recognize any musical styles and borders. It`s music is cold, noisy and sometimes brutal. It is experimental in some way. And all the experiments with electronic brutality and noisy sound will be continued. Right now the band is working on their songs, which will feature it`s demo cd. It`s title is "Demolition CD". On this page, you can hear 4 songs which will be included on cd. Also the band is preparing for their live performances. Live shows will feature industrial slide`n`video shows produced by the band. If you want to contact us, please, e-mail at noizeklan@yahoo.com or send an ICQ message at 396-102-665
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