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Наша студия находится в Москве. В студии работают профессиональные музыканты. Делаем аранжировки, записываем музыку к фильмам, снимаем клипы в формате HD и 4К. Пишем сценарии, песни и стихи на заказ. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству молодые коллектив Как сюда попасть

Nikol Nazarov

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Nikol Nazarov was born in Moscow (Russia) in 1977. In 1994-95 he with his friend was creating musical program &quot;Digital Studio&quot;, name Underground Systems appeared that time. Afterwards Nikol did not make programs because in his free time he became studying music. In 2004 he decided to study music seriously, he sold his car and bought some equipment for his studio. In the summer of 2005 he met Roman Frolikov and created a band named Underground Systems. Both of the musicians worked in different styles, they constantly made experiments with sound. They perform in clubs playing live. Now Nikol simultaneously with solo work is engaged also in two joint projects with Roman (Nnz &amp; Frolikoff, Underground Systems)... <br> <br> discography: <br> <br> AMR051 / Nikol Nazarov - Stroboscope Life / Acid Milk / 2006 <br> AMR036 / Nikol Nazarov - Fuckin Vodka / Acid Milk / 2006 <br> AMR035 / Nikol Nazarov - Micronight / Acid Milk / 2006 <br> GLP035 / Underground Systems - EP &quot;Unperfect Insomnia&quot; / Grooved Music / 2006 <br> EOX023 / Underground Systems - EP &quot;Sound of Emotion&quot; / Elektro Oryx / 2006 <br> GLP032 / Underground Systems - Boomer / Grooved Music / 2006 <br> S&amp;CEP015 / Underground Systems - EP &quot;Lie Detector&quot; / Shrimps and Chips / 2006 <br> HMDIGITAL008 / Underground Systems - I.F.T. / Hunya Munya / 2006 <br> SSR013G / Underground Systems - EP &quot;Secret Files&quot; / Super 6 Goodies / 2006 <br> <br> forthcoming: <br> <br> Nikol Nazarov feat. Riccardo Magherini - EP &quot;Ed Allora&quot; / Acid Milk <br> Nikol Nazarov – EP “Ladder in the Sky” / Peeled Tracks <br> Underground Systems - Road to Home, Your Mind / 1Shot (Pangea Recordings) <br> Underground Systems - Rastafari / Hunya Munya <br> Underground Systems - Iso 5 / Omnis Recordings <br> Underground Systems - Unknown Dub / Omnis Recordings <br> <br> .
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