I’m Jesus of Nazareth

Song "I’m Jesus of Nazareth " Artist & musician: MaRiCaBo / Oleg Seriy Composer: Episcopus * (1 куплет) * I’m Jesus of Nazareth That who flew to you from winds Give me, Maya, vinaigrette (винигрет) I’m Jesus of Nazareth! * And I want to say about Where Maya Vinaigrette? (Винигрет) I with Noah (Ной) be and the Council I’m Jesus of Nazareth * I was simply the Hellman (хелме’н) With this Nicky, village council Put me, Maya, vinaigrette (винигрет) It is not a finished song! Oh, bla, sorry, I'm not stripped I’m Jesus of Nazareth * (проигрыш муз. 2 раза) * I was looking you, my fellow And for you, my simple girl Maybe reset your tee-shirt Let it be the hallelujah! * I have spoken with Lucifer (Люци’фер) Former Angel of the Light He conveyed all us respect I’m Jesus of Nazareth * (проигрыш муз. 4 раза) * Yesterday we went to church I myself saw the crucified I was good boy, very funny Now crucified as a bunny * I looked at the TV-set This – with my remote control They controlled me here, there I was tickled by the demons * (припев) Jesus came, amen! Jesus came, hallelujah! Jesus came, yahoo! Jesus came, the heat! * (2 куплет) * I’m from Heaven, but believe me, On the Earth it is much steeper. Even circus, but for free Devil pay for you some fee * I saw people - like a zombie All they were the shopogoliks Banks & vodka and the swamp That’s should be a real damp. * One my friend from Vatican Pope, the Jew, very extensive Said, we all become free people Only statue remained. * Call it like a simple "march". It is coming, Yo-Ma-Yo! What is not the third - the second. Wonder is very expensive. * Have a crisis? You get it! Most of you were not crucified It is full a fucking shit! Do not call me cross of it! * Oh, my song is almost sung. But the Mary is not dressed. I am full of vinaigrette (винигрет) I’m Jesus of Nazareth. * You - this is my single part. Will you be – so will I be. I say unto thee (зи), depart! It's a dope to unity. * (припев) Jesus came, amen! Jesus came, hallelujah! Jesus came, yahoo! Jesus came, the heat! * Ameee-eeee-eee-n
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