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Pascal was born in Toulouse in 1968 (April 19). He started in the world of music from the explosion of French free radio during the 80´s. With his radio program “Virus” Pascal showcased independent underground punk and funk with the likes of ESG, Liquid Liquid and early electronic beats of Split Second and Front 242. In 1989 with revolution of the Acid House movement Pascal found his true calling as a DJ and Producer performing and creating music for the first raves in France. In 1992 Pascal took on his first residency at a legendary club in Madrid called “Attica”. Pascal soon moved to Valencia in 1993 where he took on a new residency at “NOD” alongside Kike Jaen. In 1996 Pascal created the record label “UV” with the purpose of producing alternative artists of the electronic music scene in Valencia. Known by many as “The Amazing Pascal, or the DJ who spins with his feet” Pascal has proven himself as a true artist in all musical aspects vibrating the dance floor and creating an inspiring musical performance. Pascal’s sound is characterized by a unique groove of diverse underground music. His record bag is full of ambient, dub, progressive and psychedelic electronic music from European, South African, American and Asian artists. Pascal doesn't stop short of progressive and psy-trance. Owning his own record shop gives him the cream of the crop pick in the latest electronic dance music. His production skills have allowed him to produce several vinyl releases and recently he has worked on some new tracks coming out on his forthcoming CD release with Psycho Abstract. You can check out some of his latest mixes in minimal, electro and progressive on his official pages
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