intro: Sometimes you feel, sometimes you can't You think it's real and it won't end Sometimes it's pain but sometimes it's pleasure You're making the wall between the joy and a treasure Verse 1: When the black and white are united When the dark and light are blending Children on the streets are deprived Adults coming freak and blinding You're eating products of the resolution One of your way - to make the revolution Another way to live in this polution This fucken life must have a solution Chorus: That's the measures that to be taken All of decisions, the world is waken My mind and feelings finding in stuck All of your dreams are in DEADLOCK Intrerlude: Tragedy makes the hole in your head that's my pretend of you beautiful lead And it takes you away from your dirty dream It makes yourself major than stream Verse 2: I don't want to look with you forward See the kids their bands black-coloured I think it's problem of cruel Earth You're waiting second Jesus's birth He would not come, already dead You must shut up and eat your bread All of people's lifes is rate And my life have no saving gate
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