Sometimes you can't find yourself Your life seemed so faked It looks like some of those dealts That's why you feel so naked If you don't trust me or else I can prove this shit I love you girl and your fur So baby kiss me sweet And when your boops are shaki'n For what I love you honey They makes me mad and lovely I don't think that life is phoney Come on with me we'll be the coolest On this dance pavilion Let be the things they told me And check this microphone ON!!!!!! We'll ride through dark of da night And I am so excited Because you're sitting with me This party no invited Your ass is smelling so good There is no shit in your pants It's just my oldschool fool dream I want to lick all your dents And my ideal of sex Is looking only on me Vagina, pubis and teat My mind generate in dee And only fucking I want You know - this is true But no screams i can heared I thik you're not so prude Come to my house, be naked That all I needed from you All of my time that I wish You suck my dick as I do Every night I've masturbate But now you're jumpin' on me It's gonna be significant date All neighboures scoldin' on me I'll fuck you 3-4-5 times And then we'll go to shower There'll be the 6 fuck and rise I'm feeling magic power My plica growing but essence So I can't feel my penis I have da broken defence That's what da real sex is!!!!!!!!!!
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