Thought Keeper

You're finding an answer in, Bible words 'cause you don't understand, and it's a broads You don't understand why the trees stay green And you don't understand, what is your dream Now you don't realize, that rules of your game They're stupid, corrupted from Holy Bible came What would you do, if you know about this Killing falsehood, greedy caprice Picking, whippin', mother fucker trippin' Kickin', grippin', fuck da mother seekin' Ever, forever and ever or never Wise man or stupid, they not so much clever You're finding an answer in, every day It's not your work, it's your own way Sometimes you believe, in Son of a God And do you understand: what it's all about??? You think that you find, an answer in this But I don't trust your lie, the truth you have missed Every day, every night, every second you exist Every time, every one FUCKIN' like a beast And if the time is come, you'll never be like me All about this, all about me, you can't see You can't see the chance, that gifted just for you So can you be the hero, would you, could you do? Never be the man if the man is gonna die Look around and see, what I’m gonna buy For hopes and for rules of the people in that Earth Only you choose your life, and it mustn't be the worth So do you realize, that the question is deeper Now, do you understand, that you're not thought keeper And half of million, try to kill themselves That's the problem of, the world that you gave
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