Royal Castle (Acoustic)

Royal castle stands in the dark With no men, but with fear He don’t see fly of lark It’s prediction of seer It’s humanity’s dusk It’s destruction of mankind He does stand alone Only one of a kind With his teardrops of blood He can’t feel the life He does sink in the mud Cause he don’t make the strife He should’ve never returned to his formative goal If he fucked up the mark of his sinless soul There’s no servants inside him Nobody to help him He’s alone in the darkness In the despair’s stream Only ravens fly here, Foretelling his FATE That he’s doomed to be lone With no powers to fade And his destiny’s solved Many years ago When he first felt his life And he tried to go But the Supreme Powers Of this no man’s land Sentenced him to the hell Where he must always stand So he stands in the dark He’s forgotten by God
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