All About Me

What am I doing and what have I done? My thoughts are the bullets and my head is the gun Maybe, this world is not just for us It’s just a mirage, illusion of eyes Trying to fuse just with the crowd, I never can do it, I’m crying loud Reality presses me with the pleasure I’m tired of it, I’m under pressure It’s all about me and about my life It’s all about me on the edge of the high It’s all about me and about what I see That I can use my power and I can use my lee This step-type behaviour world’s polarity It’s not a life but virtuality Every plays the role to contain, Understanding only power and pain Space, time, heaven light We need billion years just only to fight I’d wanted to use our thorn I fear to lose, I don’t fear to scorn What can I do to set me free? I’m not seeking conflicts that can stay with me These my ideas, minds and my soul Unspoken words to play the role It’s hard to success, it’s easy to shame This process can bring us only to fame We can find ourselves in this hidden place Under water and ground and out of space
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