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Philip Sayce group

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~~~ &quot;Most artists take a decade or two to comfortably inhabit the blues genre. Despite his fairly brief musical history of only 5 ‘blues years’, Philip Sayce has been able to awaken even the most cynical of blues audiences with the fiery passion of a tempest and no rest in sight.&quot; <br> <br> -quote from Fuzician Magazine ~~~
This is not an official bio. This is information which has been gathered from various sources as well as Philip Sayce himself and placed into a summarized format. As soon as I have an official bio, I will put it here. <br> Name: Philip Sayce <br> Born: June, 1976 <br> Birthplace: Wales (moved to Canada at the age of 2, Presently living in Toronto, Canada) <br> Influences: Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B, King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and more. <br> <br> <br> Misc: - Taught himself how to play guitar but with a bit of help from his mother <br> - Inspired to play music by the death of Stevie Ray Vaughn <br> - First band at the age of 15 (first bar band at 18) <br> - Recorded his first CD (self titled) in 1996 on Hypnotic Records. <br> - Played with Jeff Healey for 2 years <br> <br> Gear: <br> <br> Phil's Trademark Axe: Yellow Strat with one mother of a paint chip missing. <br> <br> ----I know that isn't much help, but when I asked Phil about his guitar, the conversation went something like this: <br> <br> &quot;I'm Not sure what year it is. Its just a reissue, <br> cause I can't afford a real one&quot; <br> <br> &quot;So we're talkin what, '82, '83?&quot; <br> <br> &quot;No, its not even that old. I think its an '88&quot; <br> <br> Gibson SG: Recently, at the latest Ottawa gig, Phil was using a nice Gibson, especially on some of the Clapton tunes. Don't have much else on that yet. <br> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ <br> Amps <br> This is Phil's amp for all his smaller club shows. In case you can't read the name, its a Super Reverb Amp--I'm assuming made by Fender--but if someone can correct me I'd appreciate it, cause I have no clue. I never got close enough to the thing. Should you want a close up of the amp and dial settings, click on the image for a bigger view. <br> <br> This amp is soon to be replaced however, as Phil finds the Low end lacking, probably due to old age. It just doesn't handle the lows well enough any more. <br> <br> --Matchless with 4x12 cab <br> <br> For bigger shows, Phil needs something a bit more reliable than his club amp. For those, he's running through a Matchless Head into a 4x12 Cab (sorry don't know the speakers). This is also what Phil uses on the road with Jeff Healey. Personally, although Phil might deny it, I think playing with Jeff has rubbed off a little bit on Phil. (Jeff uses a Matchless as well). <br> <br> EFFECTS <br> <br> Deja Vibe <br> Drive O' Matic <br> Wah--probably a Vox, but possibly a Cry-Baby or Jimi <br> <br> Strings <br> <br> With a grin, &quot;I use .11-.58, whatever those are called.&quot;


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