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Мы поём ВСЁ! От народных песен до популярной эстрады! И делаем это ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНО! Поём свою авторскую музыку, написанную для нас композиторами, а так же народные песни и кавер-версии некоторых популярных ретро и поп-песен. Как сюда попасть


Куплет: Cold morning rain Fell down the ground It made me hear one Strange sad sound Like something screaming in my heart It didn't allow Me to laugh. Never stops, This strange sound, I gave up. Look around. Припев: I'm shedding tears, I can't even breathe I've made a big mistake I let us took a break And we both forgot our love I made my choice, I've broke my voice You'll never let me go, You'll never let me stay So please just go away, For now just go away. Куплет: I never dreamed about your love It was useless for me I was drawing leafy shadows Until the rainbow made me to be The one I'm not, Stupid girl with this strange song. All I've got is your empty glance Maybe you don't know How my heart can scream Maybe I'm...I don't know Like a feeble beast. Далее на "ааааа" кульбиты голосом (Припев) (Соло) (Припев)
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