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Legendary DJ Pradaa – the Composer, the musician, the dancer and the professional DJ with the long-term experience. He was born in the city of Moscow (Russia) and is the person who has done a long way to the popularity. Nowadays there are no equal professionals to him in music mixing. His collection is always compounded with exclusive releases from all over the World. DJ Pradaa has made the big contribution to dancing culture of all Russia and beyond. Owing to a wide experience and professionalism, DJ Pradaa is the permanent participant of bright club events, fashionable displays, actions of the city life. His unsurpassed sets are listened all over Europe.Since 1998 he began his serious activity in creation of his own compositions. Simultaneously he started to play music in the most prestigious clubs of Russia and the nearest abroad. DJ Pradaa has become popular, when his remixes began to take the leading positions in the charts of the largest dancing radio stations. DJ Pradaa was the participant of many club projects creating music for them. In 2010 he leaves old projects, and put all his efforts to the solo work. DJ Pradaa has a great popularity, the tour list of cities is enclosed for months forward. Actions with his participation collect thousand admirers of electronic music all over Europe and the far east. Now DJ Pradaa one of the most highly expensive musicians of Europe.
Андрей Сергеевич Пономарев Директор
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