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безнадежно больные люди
Виталий Юрьевич Белобрицкий Директор
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PSILOCYBE LARVAE was formed in January of 1996 by Vitaly Belobritsky. Our first line-up was: Vitaly Belobritsky - lead guitar, vocal; Oleg Peshkichev - bass; Denis Vinogradov - rhythm guitar; Evgeny Ushakov - drums. In April we recorded a demo "Liar" and with this stuff we started to play in different clubs of St. Petersburg and Vyborg. In 1998 we took part in "Russian Alternative Extreme Music" compilation with our song "Death Is Not The End". Because Evgeny has left us before recording, Ilya Piyaev supported us with a drum part. So for a period of time there were big problems with a drummer. After a few months we found a new drummer Evgeny Golubkov and our concert life continued. In 1999 Evgeny left the band for personal reasons. We searched for a new drummer and got our friend Ilya (Alan) Piyaev (Azeroth, Painful Memories). In summer of 2000 we recorded a full-length album called "Stigmata" and released it in demo format. In December "Legacy" magazine called "Stigmata" demo of the month. A year later "Stigmata" was released by Black Side prod on CD. Some changes in line-up happened this year also. In the summer of 2001 we got a new guitarist Andrey and in autumn Den joined us as keyboardist. In Autumn of 2002 we took part in Russian tribute to Manowar with a song "Blood Of The Kings" and recorded the song “Carma Of The World” for tribute to Himera (hardcore cult band). Italian "Vampiria" magazine included our song "Stigmata" in its compilation this year also. But the main event of 2002 was the recording of our second album called "Agony". During September-November we worked in St. Petersburg's Kalipso studio. In the beginning of 2003 the album was released by Black Side Prod. In 2003 Brazilian "Black Hole" magazine also published an issue with CD compilation where our song called "Agony" was included. This year of 2004 was a very hard year for our band. There were a problems with our bassist because of his alcoholic and drugs dependence. In December we made a resolve to dismiss him eventually. We have searched for a new musician for a long long time. In January of 2005 we signed a deal with a Moscow label called CD-Maximum. They have re-released both of our albums with bonus tracks. In summer of 2005 we got Alex "Liga" but after a few months we decided to let him go. At the same time we kicked out our keyboardist Den as well. The situation was going from bad to worse. In autumn the band relocated to Saint-Petersburg and we turned a new page of our life. After Ukrainian tour in Autumn of 2006 the band entered DDT Records for the new album recording in January, 2007. New album called "Non-existence" was mixed at Studio Hertz (Poland) and mastered at Cutting Room (Sweden). In February of 2008 "Non-existence" was released in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus via Moscow label Mazzar/Mystic Empire. In March the band headlined Russian tour to support new album. Now we 're looking for the label for the rest of the world.
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guitars, bass, drums, keyboards
2001 "Stigmata", 2003 "Agony", "Non-existence" 2008
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