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Наша студия находится в Москве. В студии работают профессиональные музыканты. Делаем аранжировки, записываем музыку к фильмам, снимаем клипы в формате HD и 4К. Пишем сценарии, песни и стихи на заказ. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству молодые коллектив Как сюда попасть


I said I hated you But really loved you so I won't be with you Just don't let me go I burn my heart for you I waste my life on you You have just bothered me 'Cause didn't love me too Just time is burning in My world of broken dreams And now you're in the past 'Cause full of sh*t within! You're zero, And you're meaning nothing FOR ME! Remind you again And want to kill you now I want you to be buried I'm longing you to die! Where are your army? Let's begin a bloody war Let's kill at last each other! I can't live when you still breathe You're zero, And you're meaning nothing FOR ME!
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